Window Tinting

Window Tinting

SN Auto has partnered itself with experts in automotive, residential and commercial flat-glass tint applicators. Our partners are adept at installing quality film that will last you for years and look as good as the day it was installed.

Your vehicle, home, and business are all large investments that you have worked hard to obtain. Any additional investments in any of them should be carefully thought out concerning quality, return on investment, and personal satisfaction.

SN Auto will provide you with the best price for SolarGard tints as we have partnered with one of UAE’s biggest distributor and stock holder of SolarGard tints.

For any inquiries and to book and appointment please contact us.

For your vehicle
Keep your car cool,  block 99% of UV rays and 70% of solar heat. Save on fuel as your car will get cooler faster and will use less air conditioner. Customize a style that works for you and maintain your privacy.

For your home
Keep your home comfortable by efficient hear rejection. Reduce heating, save cooling costs. Block 99% of UV to help protect interiors from fading.  What happens inside will stay inside.

For your business
Save on energy with Solar Gard window films. Efficient heat rejection, improved cooling, save cooling costs to up to 30%. Block 99% of UV light, control glare to improve visual comfort and maintain your privacy